Your Real Estate Agent in Dallas Texas has not sold your house?

If your real estate agent in Dallas Texas has not sold you house yet, don't worry because we want to buy your house.

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Here is how you can Sell Your House Fast in Dallas to a well-qualified homebuyer.

Real Estate Agent in Dallas Texas

Dear Home Seller,

I know you have a home for sale in
Dallas and are tired of having it
listed with a real estate agent in
Dallas, Texas for more months with
no buyers. Who can blame you for
wanting to Sell your Dallas home

If I am right, then you probably fall into one of these categories.

•You tried to sell your house with a Real Estate Agent in Dallas Texas,
but your listing has expired or is about to.

•You have bought a new home
and are stuck making two house payments.

•You're getting divorced
and the payments are too high or
you just want to be rid of the bad memories.

•You are relocating
and want to sell you house now before you move.

•There is little to no equity in your home

•You are behind on your payments,
and may be facing foreclosure.

•You are tired of being a landlord
and dealing with tenants.

•Just tired of owning a house you no longer want

This is just some of the situations out there that you might identify with. These are all things that happen to good people and now the home is no longer a blessing but a burden.

I understand, I had friends and family go through some of these very same situations. And they also had trouble selling their home the traditional way with a real estate agent in Dallas Texas.

It's pretty common for it to take 6 months just to get a contract on your property and then another 1-3 months to get to closing - and that's if the contract doesn't fall through (which happens about half of the time), in which case you're back to square one. And in the middle of this you have all the difficult emotions that brought you to the reason you needed to sell in the first place.


"I was overwhelmed with all the work my house needed and Green For Houses bought it from me AS IS, so I could start over."

-Agia Williams
-Dallas, Texas

Whether any of the above circumstances are happening to you, I can help.

I would like to talk to you about purchasing your home. Please notice, I'm not asking to "list your house". I am not a Real Estate Agent in Dallas Texas. However I am an investor that is interested in buying your house. Click
Sell House Fast Dallas to fill out online form today.

Green For Houses is a real estate investment company that has developed the ability to solve seemingly complicated financial dilemmas... the kind that thousands of homeowners get into every day when they try to sell their home. That is where I come in. Let me share some secrets with you.

Real Estate Agent in Dallas Texas

This is a secret that real estate agents in Dallas don't want you to know?

Cost to sell house with a Realtor!

*Based on a $200,000 Listing Price

Listing Price        $200,000

      Selling Price       $194,000      (97% of listing price)

      Commission       $12,000       (6% Average)

      Closing Cost        $5,820        (3% Average)

      Holding Cost        $6,000       (3% Average)

      Net Sale            $170,180        (15% Approx. Total)

The holding costs includes mortgage payments, utilities and maintenance. Also any repairs your buyer wants you to make before they buy. And your home could take anywhere from 6 months to a year to sell and that is IF YOUR HOUSE SELLS.

What a real estate agent in Dallas Texas is not telling you is that in today's market, it is very slow with all the mortgage industry in trouble. You hear it all over the news.

Numbers Don't Lie!

If you have a $200,000 house and are using a Realtor in Dallas--that means almost $30,000 is lost in commissions, closing costs, and holding costs.

Do you think the Real Estate Agent in Dallas Texas truly feels how quick you need to find a buyer while YOU are making payments, paying for yard maintenance, insurance, taxes, and utilities?

Why go through that entire headache; sell the house fast in Dallas, we will buy your house within seven days. It is easy and quick and you can move on with your life.

What we do is considerably different, WE WILL BUY YOUR HOUSE, not list it like the typical real estate agent in Dallas Texas does. So you do not have to wait around for months wondering if your house will sell or not. Having people parade through your Dallas home for months on end just to be frustrated. This way you have a win win. It is like fishing in a barrel, it's hard to miss.

Just fill out the form below. We will present a couple different offers and you get to choose what is best, that way you are in control. Let us change the frustrations of selling your house so you can enjoy Dallas Real Estate services that really work and get you the results you are looking for from the Real Estate Agent in Dallas Texas, which was to sell your Dallas home.

P.S. Remember, the consultation is free!!

P.P.S. Our conversation is totally confidential!!

P.P.P.S. And there is no obligation, so fill out the form below.

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